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One Cubic Meter Of Trust

Material: PVC, various of gifts from the public

Size: 1 cubic meter (variable)


  • The 9th Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China   2013/MAY
  • “Stand, Driftage,” Zhongshan Park Project - special project of Shanghai Biennale, Taidong Art Museum, Taidong, Taiwan   2013/JAN


  • Circle Art Youth Award, Circle Art Centre, Shenzhen, China      2017

I started to solicit various of “trust gifts” in public on sina weibo,, local news papers and TV channels of Xiamen in August of 2012.

The word “trust” means the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others. Here I took this word and transformed it into an item, inviting people with different occupation to share their understanding of trust and their trust objects. This item could be anything, which shows the difference between people’s understanding of trust.

During the months of solicitation, I received various of trust gifts, along with their stories and emotions. All of these gifts combined together as one work, displaying their feelings to people. I tried to make all these subtle relationships measurable and put them into boxes of one cubic meter, presenting the cross section of our real society. At the same time, I posted all this trust gifts online and created a communicate platform with the pubic. This solicitation will never ends, which means this installation will keep expanding in the future. This project will be a lifelong one, and I planed to updated it every year with a new brochure.

I kept receiving these “gifts”after exhibition. In October of 2016, I received a letter from my friend Hans from New York. She asked me to throw a letter into the sea of Xiamen at the day of 27th December. This letter was wrote to her friend, Big Cat, who died in a car accident during her business trip in Xiamen at 27th Dec. 2014. Hans believed that a part of Big Cat was left in here, so she decided to send a letter to the paradise. Completing this request itself also became a“trust gift”.

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