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    林苒2019年受邀澳大利亚悉尼Budanon艺术中心驻留艺术家并举办个展。在世界各地多次举办个展,参加过第9届上海双年展,美国密歇根州布罗德美术馆《内燃》女性艺术展览,第一届与第五届集美.阿尔勒国际摄影节,法国巴黎国际超短片节,法国克莱蒙费朗国际短片节独立艺术家邀请展,地中海国际电影节短片单元,马来西亚艺博会,中国马来西亚建交40周年展,中国福建省美术馆 《缺席的身份》中国女性艺术家全国提名展等中国和国际大型展览。作品被诸多重要的国内外公共艺术机构、高奢品牌以及私人藏家收藏。



    Lin Ran, a new media (digital media and comprehensive materials) artist, was born in Fuzhou, China. She teaches at the School of Fine Arts, Jimei University, Xiamen. In September 2018, I founded the art project of Yuancosmos Art Museum and acted as the director of Stealthy Art Museum, and created the virtual IP Drag sister in the art museum. The first idea was formed in 2017 and the SensLAB, an art therapy group psychology research project, was established in October 2019. The installation "One Cubic meter of Trust," which was started in 2012, was included in the research institute as a case of group psychology art therapy. He has worked and lived in Xiamen and Europe for a long time.

    She studied and worked in France for 7 years. She graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in contemporary plastic arts and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Rouen in new media art. Doctoral candidate in new media art direction of Humanities College of Xiamen University. She was once a columnist of art criticism on Artron, and published more than one million words of art criticism articles.


    Lin Ran's works explore and discuss space and theater in modern society, feminism and transgender art, group psychology and collective memory using narrative, narrative, sociological and textual methodologies. The works are often based on sociological and cultural research and fieldwork, and use multi-media video, animation, experimental painting, installation and other artistic methods to integrate and learn from each other, so as to explore one's own life experience and current social reality.

    As receive basic art education at homeland, and integration of system European philosophical thinking and aesthetic training for many years the artist Lin Ran, their own experience, regional identity and value identity determines its creation style and theme, but the complex and diverse experience and identity, and let her works hard to use simple symbols to generalization.


    In 2019, Lin Ran was invited to be a resident artist and hold a solo exhibition at Bundanon Art Center in Sydney, Australia. She has held many solo exhibitions around the world and participated in the 9th Shanghai Biennale; the first and fifth Jimei-Arles international photography festival, ; Women's Art Exhibition "Internal Combustion" in the Broad Museum of Art in Michigan, USA. France international super short film festival in Paris; France clermont-ferrand international film festival independent artists invitational exhibition; International film festival video unit in the Mediterranean; Art fair in Malaysia; China the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia exhibition; China's fujian province art museum "absent the identity of the" national nominating Chinese women artists exhibition and other Chinese and international large-scale exhibition. Works have been collected by many important domestic and international public art institutions, luxury brands and private collectors.